Board of Directors

Chuck Porcari, Chair
Joy Blackwood, joined the board in September 2014. Joy is responsible for the Refuge Association’s urban wildlife refuge program. Working in partnership with 14 urban refuges around the nation both on-the-ground and at the national level, she will help to bring forth their visions for the future, provide technical assistance, support collaborative efforts that raises awareness and elevates the importance of wildlife refuges in urban areas. Prior to joining the Refuge Association, she led the development of the Green Leadership Trust, a network of board members of color and indigenous leaders and established a first-of-its-kind partnership with Green 2.0 for environmental nonprofits to publicly release their organization’s diversity data. Before working with the environmental sector, Joy spent many years managing multi-faceted public health education and training programs; advocating to end the AIDS pandemic; fighting to reduce the stigmas of the disease and empowering underrepresented individuals and communities. Joy’s passion for protecting the majestic places we so cherish is deeply rooted in her British and Jamaican background, as well as the years she devoted to changing the public’s opinion and understanding of the green movement and the benefits of the great outdoors.
Beth Blauer  
Lance Davis 
Larissa Johnson joined the board in 2016. After receiving her MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University, Larissa made her way to Maryland to be closer to all the federal action. But soon after arriving here, she discovered that Maryland was a microcosm of what is happening around the country so she didn't need to travel anywhere else. She has worked as an Environmental Justice and Climate Fellow for the NAACP, Maryland Climate Coalition Coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation, and led the Climate Change Maryland Program until 2016. She is now working at the County level. As the Residential Energy Program Manager, she works to ensure that Montgomery County residents reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, switch to clean energy, and keep money in their pockets.
Dawn Stolzfus, joined the board in 2012. She has nearly twenty years of communications expertise around environmental advocacy and issue campaigns, particularly in Maryland. She worked at the Md. Department of the Environment during Governor Martin O'Malley's Administration.​