Clean Buses for Healthy Niños


Last year- thanks to your support- over 6,000 families from across Maryland were successful in securing $4 million from the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund to replace diesel polluting school buses. When Volkswagen was caught cheating on federal emissions tests and polluting the air we breathe with dangerous toxins- they had to pay. And now we need to ensure that money benefits those most vulnerable to air pollution.

Montgomery County School system has not applied yet for this funding that can help thousands of children and families all over Montgomery County. They need to hear from you and know that you care about the air that our children breathe when they go to school and return home.

Urge Montgomery County Public Schools not to leave money on the table and apply for the $4M from the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust Fund to transition dirty diesel school buses into zero emission school buses to protect the health of children, our communities and the environment>> Find your Board of Education Member Representative and send them an email before March 1st

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Dirty diesel school buses emit dangerous pollutants that our children breathe into their developing lungs. Right now in Maryland, 1 in 10 children suffer from asthma. That’s why we need to act now to convert our dirty diesel school buses to zero-emission, clean energy school buses. These buses can reduce greenhouse emissions significantly and 1 electric bus can save up around $170,000 in fuel and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the bus.

It’s almost impossible to think of a reason NOT to apply for the funds to upgrade our polluting school buses! Zero-emissions electric buses would immediately reduce the toxic pollutants breathed in by kids and families every day, save school districts money on the dirty diesel fuel they’re buying right now, and take a step in the right direction to fight climate change.