2019 Environmental Priorities


January 9th began the 2019 Maryland General Assembly Session. Working with our statewide environmental organizations and partners, we are focusing on three main priorities:

  1. In conjunction with the statewide Maryland Climate Coalition and legislative champions in both the Senate and House of Delegates, we are working on the Clean Energy Jobs Act, a bill ensuring that Maryland gets 50% of its electricity from renewable energy sources like wind and solar by 2030. 
  2. We are also lending our support on banning Styrofoam statewide. This would be mean no establishment or institution can serve on Styrofoam materials, including restaurants. 
  3. The Healthy Green Maryland Amendment will add to our state constitution to propose lasting protections for breathable air, drinkable water, and makes the state a fiduciary for equal access to a healthy environment for present and future generations of Marylanders. 

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On June 4, 2018 Maryland League of Conservation Voters Education Fund released a Vision 2025: Issue Guide ahead of the 2018 Electoral Primary. Maryland’s environmental laws and climate future are at stake in the upcoming 2018 Maryland election cycle and the 2019 legislative session. It is vital that voters throughout the State be engaged on key issues, which are likely to grow in significance during the coming years. Maryland LCV Ed Fund releases this guide today as an asset to all Marylanders as they make their voting decisions on June 26 th .

"It is our hope that through this issue guide Maryland voters will be prepared with information on environmental and public health issues and ask the candidates running for elected office what their views are on these important topics.” Karla Raettig, Executive Director of Maryland League of Conservation Voters Education Fund.

“With the federal administration attempting to gut life and land preserving environmental protections and defund critical support for the Chesapeake Bay Program, Maryland must defend itself and establish protections for land, air, water, and communities through strong state leadership. With the primary election just 22 days away, this Issue Guide will help inform voters in Maryland on the important issues the environmental community is collaborating on.” Chuck Porcari, Board Chair of Maryland LCV Ed Fund.