Promoters (Promotores)

Promoters (Promotores): In 2016, Chispa Maryland graduated its first group of eleven promoters to advocate for environmental issues that are affecting their communities. Promotores are trained in the framework that places environmental protection in the center of our rights –our right to clean air, clean water, and safe climate. They study the U.S. Constitution, United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, Environmental Justice Principles, the structure of our government, and how to organize their community. They develop a work plan that culminates in forming a Comité (Committee) and the Promotor collaborates with Chispa Maryland staff thereafter. This model not only moves environmental issues to the forefront, but also creates the infrastructure in our communities for long-term, transitional organizing, and community participation.

(Graduation of our class of Promotores in 2016)


Chispa Maryland will continue to expand its community outreach and create capacity to advocate for environmental justice issues locally and statewide. We will continue working with community members to create opportunities to engage in the outdoors, educational activities, volunteer events, workshops, advocacy, among others. Chispa Maryland will be working with our promoters as well as graduate new promoters to increase the influence and power Latinos have in environmental advocacy.

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