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“Maryland LCV Education Fund works strategically behind the scenes to provide critical support to local, regional, and national environmental groups.”

-Neal Fitzpatrick, Audubon Naturalist Society
What We Do

Marylanders face some big challenges. The Chesapeake Bay’s health continues to merit failing grades, and our drinking water supply is increasingly limited. Our growing population, which is predicted to increase by 1.5 million people in the next 25 years, places demands on land development (Maryland already loses nearly 30,000 acres of land each year to sprawling development) and increases our region’s transportation and energy needs. Global warming is causing a loss of Maryland shorelines, increasing the strength of storms that damage the ecosystem, and could increase average temperatures in our state by two to nine degrees in the next century.

To find solutions to these challenges, maintain our quality of life, and make progress in our state, we must build the strength and the power of environmental voters.

Maryland LCV Education Fund’s long-term plan strengthens the environmental community as we grow a base of conservation-minded voters around the state. Our major programs aim to:

1. Strengthen the strategic ability and power of Maryland’s environmental community

2. Expand the base of known and potential environmental voters

3. Build grassroots field capacity for legislative advocacy and environmental issue work

4. Deepen our connection to voters through the “Environmental Connections” Project

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