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“Maryland LCV Education Fund works strategically behind the scenes to provide critical support to local, regional, and national environmental groups.”

-Neal Fitzpatrick, Audubon Naturalist Society
For Marylanders

You can take action to protect our air, water, open space, and public health! Here are a just few ways that we encourage you to take an active role to protect our environment:

Citizen's Guide to Activism
1) Learn more about environmental challenges

An informed advocate is an effective advocate! Download the Environmental Briefing Book produced by the Maryland LCV Education Fund and learn about the experts suggested solutions to challenges facing our waters and the Chesapeake Bay, our air, our lands, and our public healthEnvironmental Briefing Book

2) Contact Your Legislators

Your legislators need to hear from you! Let your legislators know that you care about Maryland's environment. Check out our state legislative priorities for conservation bills under consideration
»Not sure who your legislators are? Look them up here

 »Tips on communicating with legislators

3) Register to Vote

We need you to show support for clean air, safe drinking water, and protection of open space at the polls. Voting is an important way to let your representatives know how you feel but, you can’t vote if you are not registered. Register to Vote Today

4) Recieve email alerts on critical conservation issues

Join the Maryland LCV Action Center and become one of thousands of other environmental advocates as 5 minute volunteers who take action critical environmental issues with quick and easy email alerts.

5) Write a letter to the editor

A great way to get attention for environmental issues is to take your message to the press with a letter to the editor. It helps if you respond to recent articles.

 »Read tips on writing an effective letter

6) Attend a Town Hall Meeting

A large and well-informed turnout at a town hall meeting or a community forum is an extremely effective way of sending a strong message to your elected official AND to the media (and, hence, the general public). If your lawmaker is supportive of your issue, a show of support helps to solidify his or her position.

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