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-Terry Cummings, Chesapeake Bay Foundation
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Contacting Your Local Paper about Important Issues

Community newspapers are often happy to talk to concerned citizen about particular topics that need coverage, as long as it is a specific topic (a bill coming up, an event or meeting, some kind of urgent environmental issue that has just arisen). Reporters can't be everywhere, and some stories don't come attached to an official press release.

Click here for a listing of Maryland news outlets by county.

Write a Letter to the Editor

A great way to broaden support for your view is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspapers. Not only will you influence many of your neighbors, elected officials often use this widely read section of the newspaper as a means to gauge public opinion when making decisions.

    • Be concise and to the point - a maximum of 200 words
    • Write about only one topic per letter.
    • State your point at the beginning and end of your letter.
    • Use vivid language to express your view.
    • Draw conclusions and recommend a course of action. Always include your name and phone number.
    • Someone from the paper may call to verify that you are the author of the letter.
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