On November 15th at our annual Environmental Leadership Awards Dinner, the 2016 Class of Environmental Justice and Action Promotores was awarded with the 2017 John V. KablerMemorial Award.

Established in 2001, the John V. Kabler Memorial Award is presented annually to Maryland’s most outstanding environmental leaders and organizations. John V. Kabler was one of Maryland’s leading environmental activists, credited by friends and associates with helping to build the state’s loosely organized community of conservation groups into a powerful force.

The award was presented to our Promotores for the work organizing their community and creating leadership to fight to protect our mother earth. Our Promotores Edith Marquez and Candida Garcia received the award on behalf of the class and Candida addressed the crowd with a powerful speech. Below is just a snippet!

“If we show something with our work, it is that our communities care about the environment. Because it’s about our health. It’s about surviving and making sure we leave our childrenplanet where they can breathe clean air. We want to leave to the generations that come a planet healthy and free of pollution.We want to be part of the solutions and protect our mother earth”

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At Chispa Maryland, our Promotores are our voice. They are the people that work in the community and rally our base. They are our connectors to the community. Together we are changing the political power of Latinos and communities of color in Maryland to have a voice in the fight against climate change. As Promotores, they have helped Chispa Maryland to provide educational workshops in schools, community centers, and churches among others. Together, we also marched this past April at People’s Climate March leading the Creators of Sanctuary Contingent. In addition, our Promotores continue to be involved in our new campaign Clean Buses for Healthy Niños.

To find out more about the program, check out our new video!

Chispa, meaning “spark” in Spanish, is a program launched by Maryland League of Conservation Voters Education Fund in 2014. Chispa Maryland works to ensure that Maryland Latino families and community leaders are a powerful voice for protecting our air, land, water, public health, and future. Chispa Maryland works with Latino families, community groups, faith-based organizations, and elected officials to identify and address unique environmental issues facing Latino communities in Maryland.