By Chuck Porcari, Maryland LCV Ed Fund Board Chair

We created the President Theodore Roosevelt Award to recognize an individual, group, or organization in Maryland who through a specific action, event, or body of work leaves a positive conservation legacy that mirrors the ethos of President Roosevelt.

A champion of conservation, President Theodore Roosevelt was born on this day in 1858. Preserving the environment for future generations and protecting public lands wasn’t a political issue for Roosevelt, he took action because of his values. We were inspired by all of the individuals and groups nominated this year who act on their values to protect our air, land, water, and public health.   

I am proud and excited to announce our second annual President Theodore Roosevelt Awardee, Salisbury Mayor, Jake Day! This award is to acknowledge his integral role in the ongoing renaissance of the downtown area of the city of Salisbury and his leadership.

Specifically, Mayor Day has led his community in rehabilitating the streetscape, revitalizing and reusing buildings, improving the river waterfront access, and beautifying efforts. Further, he was instrumental in Salisbury’s commitment to the unglamorous but vital work of improving a 100-year-old underground water and sewer infrastructure.  

Join me in congratulating Mayor Day and join us in to celebrate his integral leadership role on the environment at an event to be determined in December.