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Without a strong democracy, nothing else can be accomplished. To fully protect the environment, we need a transparent and open government. We work to ensure our governmental agencies have the resources they need to enforce environmental protections. We also work for open elections in Maryland.

photo of a wheat field at sunsetFarmers are an integral part of the local communities in Maryland. It is important that elected officials recognize the importance of preserving agricultural land and ensure environmental regulations are enforced when developing land in Maryland.
Close up photo looking into a bushel basket of blue crabsGood governance protects the environment. All choices made upstream and throughout the state of Maryland affect not only the watershed, but local watermen. Legislators who enforce conservation-minded efforts ensure that Maryland’s watermen can continue to provide healthy seafood to our community and nation.
Close up view looking at an Local businesses are the heart of local communities and economies. Impacts from a changing environment can disrupt these businesses and affect the health and wellness of our local business owners, their families, and employees. Conservation-minded legislators who support the local business community will ensures that our communities are resilient.
Tourists walking down the boardwalk in Ocean City, MDTourism is a thriving part of Maryland’s economy. Tourists visit beaches, bays, rivers, lakes and forests in Maryland every day. The quality of our natural resources directly impacts the health and wellness of our community. Electing government officials who understand the value of protecting our natural environment will ensure healthy communities that support tourism now and into the future.

Every legislative session, we work to ensure our environmental government agencies have the resources they need, and that they use them effectively to enforce our current regulations. We also work on fair election programs and voter registration. In order to protect the environment, we must strengthen our local democracy.