Your employer may offer an easy and convenient way to give to the Maryland LCV Education Fund.

You can help protect Maryland’s climate, environment, and democracy by giving to the Maryland LCV Education Fund through payroll deductions or by participating in your employer’s matching gift program.

Payroll Contributions

Many federal, state, and local governments, as well as private employers, offer their employees an oportunity to make charitable contributions through automatic payroll deduction. Giving through payroll deduction allows you to choose how much you want to give and then spread that gift out in small increments via your paychecks throughout the year. Contact your Human Resources department today to find out if they offer a workplace giving program, and if so, determine your amount and provide them with Maryland LCV Education Fund’s tax ID #: 52-2210858.

Matching Gift Programs

Multiply your tax-deductible gift to Maryland LCV Education Fund through your employer’s matching gift program. Thousands of employers match charitable contributions made by their employees—some even match the donations of retired employees. It’s an easy way to double – or even triple – your contribution to Maryland LCV Education Fund.

How to Match Your Dollars – Easy as 1-2-3

Ask your employer for a Matching Gift form
Fill out your portion
Mail it into Maryland LCV Ed Fund with your donation

Mail to:

Membership Services
Maryland LCV Ed Fund

30 West Street, Suite C
Annapolis, MD 21401

Need additional information or have questions? Email Dannielle Lipinski, Director of Membership and Digital Engagement at